Running shoes Sidi Ergo 5 Giro d'italia Expand

Running shoes Sidi Ergo 5 Giro d'italia



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shoes, Sidi Ergo 5 are even more innovative than the previous model. A system for optimized fit and a value of stiffness unparalleled make each departure is a unique experience. The closure system Techno 3 Push makes it easy to adjust even while pedaling, without the need to get off the bike. The area of the instep at TechPro microfiber and high-quality nylon, it is able to regulate the temperature and repel water thanks to the surface finish, especially designed by Sidi.;Features;- Forefoot TechPro;- Soft Instep Closure System 4;- Techno -3 Push;- High Security Velcro; Heel - Sidi;- high-Heeled-slip-replaceable; Sole Twelve Carbon Composite;Technology;- The area of the instep features a microfiber TechPro eco-friendly and with a high technological content, innovative, suitable for technical products and sports that offer high performance and great features. Presents a design extremely modern, as one would expect from Sidi, which has been at the head of the list of desires of athletes and sportsmen and women for more than 40 years. Updates include graphics in relief designed to increase the flow of air around the shoe and a better ventilation in the toes to keep your feet cool even in the competitions of the summer.;- It is a strap placed on the forefoot, with shape, soft and anatomically attached to a soft material for comfort. Distributes pressure evenly over the instep and adjusts on both sides to take a position perfectly centered on the strap depending on if the instep is low or high. The system eliminates the need to use a separator. Soft Instep is replaceable.;- The new system Sidi Double Techno-3 Push offers a close symmetrical of the shoe to a shoe even more comfortable. The famous locks of Sidi, in resistant materials, and whose design allows for an easy adjustment while you pedal, are adjustable and replaceable.;- Strap with velcro that closes the front of the shoe. In the interior hides a few small teeth of plastic that fit between them when the strap is closed. This system makes the closure more secure and the strap does not move from your position.;- The reinforced heel keeps the foot in position and avoids the shoe being deformed due to extreme use or prolonged pressure.;- The cycling shoes Sidi have a heel on polyurethane replaceable in the heel area.;- The outsole Twelve Carbon Composite is made of two different materials fused together: nylon and carbon fiber. It is composed of carbon fiber injected into a nylon base. The nylon used does not absorb water and does not lose its rigidity even in heat and humidity, even with the passage of time, giving as a result an outsole lightweight and rigid.