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Shoes Sidi Genius 7 black red



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new running shoes Sidi Genius 7 for road come to be the evolution of the popular Genius 5. Incorporate a new design and technological enhancements that make this model a great choice for all audiences.;Features;- Microfibre Microtech;This material is resistant, stable, lightweight, waterproof and eco-compatible, has been subjected to treatment "Water-Tech". These properties pose low environmental impact and less harmful emissions in the air and in the workplace. In addition, the use of water-based products and not solvent-is beneficial not only for the environment but also for the end user.;- Soft Instep 2;Is a strap located on the neck of the foot, with a soft and anatomical coupled with a soft material for extra comfort.;Evenly distributes the pressure on the instep, and is adjusted by both parties to obtain a correct position and perfectly centered, whatever the morphology of the foot. The system eliminates the need to use a spacer. Soft Instep is replaceable.;- Buckle Caliper;micrometric Closure and patented that is regulated by lifting the buckle central. To complete the release total must lift the buckles at the same time, or press the center button to loosen slightly one tooth at a time, it is also adjustable in the race.;- High Security Velcro;Strap with velcro that closes the front of the shoe. In the interior hides a few small teeth of plastic that fit between them when the strap is closed. This system makes the closure more secure because the strap can't move and stays perfectly in place.;- Heel Sidi;reinforced Heel to prevent deformation after exertion or prolonged pressure.;- Heel replaceable;The cycling shoes Sidi are equipped with heel on polyurethane replaceable.;- Outsole Millennium 5;The sole Millennium 5 is composed of a thermoplastic material reinforced with carbon fiber. The material used does not absorb water and does not lose its rigidity in warm conditions or wet and even with the passage of time. The result is a durable, more rigid and stable with respect to the previous model Millennium 3.;Millennium 5 includes a taco replaceable and a graduated scale of alignment printed on the sole, which allows adjustment of 10 mm forward and reverse as well as a perfect positioning of the cleat Look.