Shoes Sidi MTB Tiger Carbon matte grey black Expand

Shoes Sidi MTB Tiger Carbon matte grey black



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shoes Sidi MTB Tiger Carbon have been designed as a high-end model developed from the timeless Drako SRS Carbon with a forefoot redesigned aerodynamic and locking system Double Techno-3 Push that closes both sides of the shoe symmetrically for comfort and fit. The developments include some graphics in relief, " designed to increase the flow of air around the shoe, and a ventilation-optimized in the tip to keep your feet cool even during runs very warm.;Technologies;- Sole MTB SRS Carbon-Ground;The outsole MTB Carbon-Ground sets a new standard in terms of performance MTB, reducing the weight of approximately 100 grams with respect to the carbon sole of the model MTB Dragon SRS while never compromising strength and durability. Has been made with inserts replaceable on the heel and toe, set to a sole of pure carbon. In addition, a plate-replaceable, designed to prevent damage to the sole by contact with the pedal. For the majority of the MTB pedals (such as Crankbrothers and Look), it is recommended to use a reinforcing plate between the cleat and the shoe to prevent scratches on the sole. Given that you can replace the plate MTB already integrated in the sole in case of wear and tear caused by the pedal, the addition of weight due to the place of reinforcement is optional. In order to achieve the maximum durability, the inserts Ground SRS and the plate MTB sole are easily removable and replaceable. The sole MTB SRS Carbon-Ground can be used with studs fixed to the tip.;- Double Techno-3 Push;The new system Sidi Double Techno-3 Push offers a close symmetrical of the shoe to a shoe even more comfortable. The famous locks of Sidi, in resistant materials, and whose design allows for an easy adjustment while you pedal, are adjustable and replaceable.;- Retention system Adjustable Heel Retention Device;New technology for the heel cup. The device adjustable retention of the heel reinforces the top of the heel cup and improves fit by closing the back of the shoe around the ankle of the cyclist. The device retention of the heel tightens the top of the heel cup so that they do not slip on steep climbs or sprints. Can be adjusted with two small screws that work independently. For a custom fit should be screwed towards the + sign to close the device retention of the heel while that should be screwed towards the - sign to open it.;- Heel Sidi;The reinforced heel keeps the foot in position and avoids the shoe being deformed due to extreme use or prolonged pressure.;- Rubber tip;Insert non-slip rubber to protect the head against impacts from stones and other debris while you ride