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shoes Sidi Shot for the road enter in the catalog of the prestigious Italian brand in the high range. Developed from the timeless Wire Carbon with a forefoot redesigned aerodynamic and locking system Double Techno-3 Push that closes both sides of the shoe symmetrically for comfort and fit. Already ready to the feet of Chris Froome during the Critérium of the Dauphiné, the Shot could be tested and approved in competition. Account with the same sole Vent Carbon that the Wire Carbon. This has been made in carbon 3K to achieve the perfect balance between rigidity, performance and ergonomics in the front of the foot. The outsole provides an air intake opening slide that allows the rider to customize the cooling through the tip. The back block and the insert in the tip are replaceable.;Technologies;- Sole Vent Carbon;Sidi has further reduced the weight of the sole Vent Carbon that is now integrated in the heel, a stud ultra-light, and an opening in the tip. The main advantages of the sole Vent Carbon are not only a major transfer of power thanks to its lightness and rigidity, but also a comfort in case of high temperatures. The sole Vent Carbon has been designed with a vent and integrated air channels for good ventilation and heat evacuation. The flow of air circulates through the different channels and is then ejected by the exhaust located in the central part of the shoe. It is worth mentioning that the opening in the tip can be open or closed according to the need of the user for maximum comfort in all seasons. The sole Vent Carbon has been hand made with carbon fiber braided che increases the stiffness while allowing for a slight bending of the tip. Carefully studied, this degree of flexion relieves biomechanically the stress in the tendons plantar and helps to improve the circulation. A scale of alignment of the creek has been printed in the sole Vent Carbon to make an adjustment of the 10 mm forward or backward and memorize the position of the cleat Look, facilitating its replacement.;The sole Vent Carbon features a taco replaceable tip and a polyurethane. In the practice of the triathlon, the opening in the tip works as a drain, thereby increasing significantly the comfort of the foot after a transition in the water.;- Double Techno-3 Push;The new system Sidi Double Techno-3 Push offers a close symmetrical of the shoe to a shoe even more comfortable. The famous locks of Sidi, in resistant materials, and whose design allows for an easy adjustment while you pedal, are adjustable and replaceable.;- Retention system Adjustable Heel Retention Device;New technology for the heel cup. The device adjustable retention of the heel reinforces the top of the heel cup and improves fit by closing the back of the shoe around the ankle of the cyclist. The device retention of the heel tightens the top of the heel cup so that they do not slip on steep climbs or sprints. Can be adjusted with two small screws that work independently. For a custom fit should be screwed towards the + sign to close the device retention of the heel while that should be screwed towards the - sign to open it.;- Heel Sidi;The reinforced heel keeps the foot in position and avoids the shoe being deformed due to extreme use or prolonged pressure.;- Taco replaceable;The cycling shoes Sidi come equipped with taco replaceable polyurethane in the heel area.