Vision neoprene is a very interesting product in the Zone3 catalog. Performance and comfort have always been a priority in our brand and the Vision combines these features with great design and looks. If you are on a budget, but want to swim quickly and save energy during swimming, then this is your wetsuit.

When Lava Magazine ran their 2015 test with the Vision along with 15 other wetsuits, they posted: "The Vision tops the list when it comes to value for money, at half the price of many of the best top tier suits. , the Vision provides flexibility and fit on par with wetsuits that are among the best of the best. "

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  • Full Speed-FloTM coating to minimize drag and increase speed through water. One of the only fully 'coated' suits available at this price point.
  • A new 2mm Free Flex shoulder panel and panel inspired by the Zone3 Vanquish suit. This unique one-piece panel design extends across the upper chest, over each shoulder, and also to each side of the chest to allow maximum torso expansion and rotation and increase stroke length by Water. Ultimately, this translates into significant improvements in distance that can be achieved with each stroke, thus reducing water resistance and improving swimming speed.
  • 5mm maximum buoyancy panels from hips to knees to help increase body buoyancy in the water, helping you to be more hydrodynamic and swim faster and with less effort.
  • Pro Speed ​​Cuffs TM on the arms and legs to improve visibility and quick removal after swimming. Our unique silicone coated formula allows the suit to be removed extremely quickly from the body, could you beat our 5 second record?
  • New construction with laser cut collar for a more comfortable "soft seal" fit around the neck. This, combined with the great fit on the body makes the Vision one of the most comfortable mid-range wetsuits on the market.
  • Eco-friendly neoprene; The use and recycling of most of the neoprene components allow us to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 200 g per suit. Most of the waste generated in the production of each wetsuit is recycled in the suits of the next production, which helps to minimize the final waste.
  • One of the most attractive suits on the market, designed with a new rear panel in hologram metallic colors for better visibility and an added element of safety in the water.
  • Fully stitched and glued for flexibility, durability and comfort.
  • Designed with a high quality YKK down zip that makes the suit easy to wear and take off.
  • The Vision is an incredible quality suit, designed to be the most comfortable mid-range suit on the market and also one of the fastest and most energy efficient.