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shoes, Sidi Dragon 5 for MTB with top of microfiber Techpro Polyurethane, sole MTB SRS Carbon Sole, closure Soft Instep 4 Closure System and Techno-3 Push System, and device for retention of the heel.;Features;- top of microfiber Techpro;top microfiber Techpro Polyurethane Made in Italy a microfiber highly technological and innovative, environment-friendly, suitable for technical products and sports that require high levels of performance. Incorporates characteristics of resistance, stability, light weight, water repellency and respect for the environment. Is certified Oeko-Tex and does not contain harmful substances.;- Locking system Soft Instep 4 Closure System;The strip of closure, wide, anatomical and padded, is made of a soft material thermoformed for comfort and performance. Distributes pressure evenly over the arch area of the foot, adjusting for both sides for perfect centering. The Soft Instep 4 Closure System is durable and replaceable.;- System Tecno 3 Push System;New dial Sidi Tecno 3 Push System for an optimum fit along the entire length of the shoe and with an upper part which is adapted to the shape of the foot for a custom fit. The dial Sidi Tecno 3 Push System allows an adjustment for the pedal, thanks to an innovative button which can be pressed to release the strip of closure, making it easier to adjust.;- High Security Velcro;Velcro strap high-security with a teeth of plastic material integrated, which is engaged when the strip is closed. This feature makes the closure more secure and the strip is completely set.;- Heel Sidi Heel Cup;The reinforced heel keeps the foot in position and avoids the shoe being deformed due to extreme use or prolonged pressure.;- Sole MTB SRS Carbon Sole;The heart of the revolutionary and patented sole MTB SRS Carbon Sole is an insert of pure carbon that goes from the heel to the tip. Inserts replaceable sole SRS are bolted to a structure of a thin nylon is very resistant. This design provides a limited bending in the area of the fingers, while maintaining an excellent stiffness and optimum power transfer in the body of the shoe.;The outsole is designed for riders of high-performance and long mileage which require a rigid sole but that does not compromise the circulation of the blood in the foot, guaranteeing comfort, foot, healthy and a great transfer of power.;In order to achieve the maximum durability, the inserts of the outsole that are easily removable and replaceable. An insert of polyurethane non-slip has been placed in the area of the metatarsal. The inserts of the sole and the screws are available as spare parts