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shoes Sidi MTB Eagle 10 mid-range-high-soled MTB SR17, cover microfibre MicroTech and locks rotary Sidi Techno 3 System.;Features;- rubber Toe cap Ruber Toe for greater comfort of the feet;- Tab with micro cuts for greater comfort;- Sole SR17;- Closures rotating Sidi Techno 3 System;Technologies; The outsole MTB SR17 it is a floor made of nylon with inserts in polyurethane in the tacos, able to offer a great grip when you have to take the foot on the ground, with that point of comfort and stiffness that brings us to the nylon. It is one of the soles lighter without the use of the carbon fiber. Interestingly, the taco striker who usually suffers the most wear and tear. Is substituible being able to lengthen the life of the shoe.;- Cover MicroTech is a microfiber that stands out for its resistance, lightness, breathability and water repellency thanks to the treatment of "Water-tech", being a "green" material because it meets with all regulations for a lower impact on the environment.;- The closures rotating Sidi Techno 3 System is one of the best locks rotary on the market. Stand out for their ergonomics and ease of adjustment, which we will be able to tighten or release commune single hand. it has two units, which adjusts the front of the shoe and the upper, which also has a pad. (Soft Instep 4) which dissipates the pressure and adjustment on the high part of the instep.