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shoes Sidi Trace 2 Mega Wide Fit for MTB with top in Politex, closing Tecno 3 System, and with the outsole Sidi RS17. The Sidi Trace 2 Mega Wide Fit have a forefoot 4 mm wider to accommodate those with a foot more width.;Features;- Cover Politex;- Heel Sidi;- Sole MTB RS17 Sole;- Closures Techno 3 System;Technologies;- The slippers are made of Politex, a tissue formed by several superimposed layers, that assumes a few properties, physio-mechanical magnificent, to which is added a lining in PVC, ensuring a long lifetime thanks to its resistance against tearing, laceration, stretching,... Is referred to as a material"green"in compliance with all the requirements.;- The heel Sidi is one-piece reinforced that covers the heel, something that incorporates all models of footwear. Its function, in part to protect the shoe against wear and tear, has the mission of reinforcing the rigidity when exercising force to the pedal.;- Outsole MTB RS117 Sole, to replace the soles of the last season. Its manufacture is made of Nylon and inserts of polyurethane, designing the tacos especially for the practice of mountain bike, providing the rider a firm grip adherent on any stony ground in the event you take the foot on the ground. Because the taco front is more exposed to wear and tear, this is replaceable through a screw, thinking at all times to the long duration in the time of the running shoes.;- Thanks to the closures Techno 3 System makes the adjustment thumbwheel is fast, safe and firm. At the same time thanks to its wide and padded strip on the forefoot, make the perfect set to offer the highest comfort.